Computer Repair

Downtime is bad. Computer crashes are almost always unexpected. Luckily A.N.S. can offer computer hardware repair and laptop repair services. Although pc repair can sometimes be the most cost effective solution, that is not always the case. An A.N.S. computer repair technician can offer a quick assessment on whether it is better to repair the device or if it would be better to just replace it. In some cases, the service fees alone can surpass the value of the damaged equipment and the data can always be transferred if hard drives have not been compromised. It is always best practice to implement some form of data backup solution and use a technician to provide professional IT service and repair equipment you are not familiar with. You can rest easy knowing we will fix it the fix it right the first time with a 7-day guarantee.

Virus Removal

Professional virus removal services are an essential part of what computer technicians do daily as viruses are one of the most common problems IT professionals encounter. Some viruses can be removed very easily and some cannot. A.N.S. can offer advanced virus removal, malware removal services, as well as many other types of potential problems such as ransomware. Most importantly though, A.N.S. offers professional, industry leading antivirus software solutions that can be scaled to fit your needs from a single computer to a virtual multi-server environment with a hundred workstation computers. Whatever size your network, we have the means to keep it safe.

Point of Sale

Whatever kind of business you run; credit card processing is a part of everyday life. A.N.S. offers point of sale solutions from hardware and accessories for taking physical payments to software and applications that enable you to sell on ecommerce websites. (We can even build those for you!) Start streamlining your sales operations, we have the tools to help get you where you want to be both in store and online.

ATM Machines

It’s 2023 and believe it or not ATM machines are as busy as they ever have been. In fact, over 10 billion ATM transactions are performed at ATM’s in the U.S. every year with an expected growth rate of 4.9% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research. This is largely do to the fact that most people no longer carry cash and a lot of employers have switched to direct deposit making trips to the bank less frequent. So how does that help your business?

  • Profits made from ATM transactions
  • ATM customers spend more: ATM users spend 20-25% more in convenience stores alone.
  • ATM customers Visit frequently: 40% use an ATM an average 8-10 times a month
  • Popular Stop: 60% of Americans ages 25-34, and 51% ages 35-49 withdraw $40 8-10 times per month

Call us for details about getting an ATM in your business!


Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP and IP telephony) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol. Put simply, VOIP service gives you phone functionality over an internet connection and offers several benefits over POTS (plain old telephone systems). A.N.S. offers VOIP phone systems for small and medium sized businesses. Call and speak with an A.N.S. VOIP technician and stop paying too much for monthly phone services.

VOIP Advantages:

  • VoIP Scales Up or Down Easily. …
  • Employees’ Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go. …
  • A Range of Call Features Are Supported. …
  • Even Older Technology Like Fax Is Supported. …
  • Hosted VoIP Saves Businesses Money.


Every business has different needs, especially where networks are concerned. Some businesses need to be able to view their surveillance cameras online. Some businesses have no interest in surveillance systems but need to allow mobile employees to connect to work from home or while on the road while others need to be able to connect their multiple physical locations back to their corporate networks. All of these situations require totally different technologies, network security settings and protocols than the next. A.N.S. offers a wide variety for network solutions giving you the flexibility to achieve your networking goals that are both seamless to your end users while offering maximum network security standards.


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My company has contracted Advanced Network Solutions in the past and were incredibly happy with their knowledge and technical skill. Will use again.

Michael Sisson
Clearwater Computers

Fantastic Service at a great Price.

Mystery Person
Alan Meyer
Mach 1

ANS has been amazing to work with. They are a professional and local business and does exceptional work. We hired ANS to design and install a state of the art training center and fire house. We are extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and integrity of this company. We look forward to future projects with ANS!

Mystery Person
Sean Johnson
Assistant Fire Chief
Marthasville Fire Protection District

“Kenny kicks out more machines daily than anyone in the history of working here, I like to use Kenny as an example for speed and efficiency.” – via company email

Jason Hughes
A former supervisor
Undisclosed Company

I’ve used this company several times the service is always done professionally and they stand behind their work.

Rick Marquart
Marquart's Landing

If you have computer problems and network issues Kenny from Advanced Network Solutions is the man for the job. He is knowledgeable, always responsive and gets the issue resolved. He is always prompt and never leaves you hanging in a time of need. Excellent in the area of security and equipment updates.

Dr. Rose Fischer
Natural Healing Centers

Hired A.N.S. to solve some issues I was having with my camera and security systems. The tech responded very quickly, and I was completely satisfied with his knowledge of how the systems work, even though he had nothing to do with its prior installation. The company that had installed the system in the first place quoted me about $1,000 to fix it. A.N.S. fixed it for under $300. I highly recommend and will definitely be using them as my only network solutions company.

James Fortner
JF Companies

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